Roundup: Best Accessories for Backyard Gardening

Roundup: Best Accessories for Backyard Gardening

Janel Laban
Jun 27, 2008

2008-06-27-gardenroundup.jpgLucky enough to have the space for some good old fashioned backyard gardening? We rounded up a list of some fun accessories for the classic summer pastime of trying to get some gardening done in the backyard in between the bbqs. Some are whimsical, some are practical, all are just a bit "design-y":

2008-06-27-gardening bag.jpgGather leaves and weeds in style - the Gardening Bag is also good for storage. $2.99 at Ikea

2008-06-27-gloves.jpgBest looking Garden Gloves on the planet from Hable Construction - $25

0084106_PE210474_S4.jpgGo geometric in your backyard with a Trellis made from galvanized steel. $14.99 at IKEA.

2008-06-27-rain.jpgRain Barrel to help keep your garden green. Holds 60 gallons. $250 at Smith & Hawken.

2008-06-27-hose.jpgBronzed Hose Pot, made from steel and bronze. Holds 100 feet of hose. $79 at Smith & Hawken.

Keep your tools close by with a canvas Garden Belt from Hable Construction - $65.

2008-06-27-tools.jpgErgonomic Tool Set - 4 pieces from Target for $39.99

2008-06-27-labels.jpgGalvanized Steel seed and plant labels for $2.99 at Ikea.

2008-06-27-stainless steel.jpgOoooh...shiny. A stainless steel watering can. $55 at Sprout Home.

2008-06-27-flowers.jpg...and if your stab at backyard gardening isn't fully successful, perhaps these will come in handy - Assorted colors of artificial flowers, $11.99 at Ikea.

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