Roundup: Best Bathrooms 2009

This month on AT we're delving into kitchen and bathroom design in a big way, and one of the ways were doing it is by rounding up all the best pictures we know of rooms we've seen over the years. To get myself started and show you what we've got, I rounded up some of my favorite posts on bathrooms as well as those by our editors....

Please feel free to bookmark or copy any images that you like here. Each of these is full of ideas and if you collect enough of them, you'll have a good idea of your style and what you'd like to do when you next get the chance. Enjoy!

>> Maxwell's Favorite Bathroom Gallery 2009 - These images are my first pass at collecting bathroom inspiration that I'd like to draw from one day. The two sources here, Living Etc and Emma's blog, are my favorites. There are 36 images in this collection. Bookmark YOUR favorites!


>> The Best Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms 2008


>> Tile Vault: 8 Best Tiled Bathrooms - From LA Housetours


>> Best Bathrooms of 2007: Splatgirl, Marit, AJ, Liz & Woody...


>> Favorite Green Bathrooms

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