Roundup: Best DIY Projects

Roundup: Best DIY Projects

Cambria Bold
Aug 29, 2008

There's a long holiday weekend ahead of us. You might be traveling, or already have your social calendar booked. But, if you are sticking around this weekend and don't want to twiddle your thumbs, you could dive into a home DIY project -- something you've been meaning to do, something you've always wanted to try. It could be cathartic to mark the end of summer with an industrious bang, a swift Sayonara! to all those lazy days. So we've done a roundup of AT's best DIY projects, from headboards to dictionary walls, platform beds and room dividers...

A few of our favorites Do-It-Yourselfs:

"Case Study DWR" Platform Bed

Modern Light Panel

And a few friendly How-To's:

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