Roundup: Ten Best Looking (Free!) Screen Savers

Roundup: Ten Best Looking (Free!) Screen Savers

Taryn Williford
Aug 22, 2008
We know that you guys eat these screensavers up whenever we post them. There's always tons of comments and the posts (Like the ones featuring Fliqlo and the Word Clock), are always making thier way into that week's Hot Posts. So to feed your insatiable desire, we've put together a list of the ten best looking screensavers. Go ahead and indulge...

PixelBreaker's Swirling Polar Clock
Video at source.

Stunning Helvetica Drop Clock
Link to video.

Destroy Today's Sliding Calendar
Video at source.

Twingly's Informative Global Blog Newsfeed
Link to video

Yellow Monkey's Steve Jobs' iQuotes
Needless to say, only available on Mac

Flying Windows in FenĂȘtres Volantes
Again, only for Mac.

Flickr-fed Clockr
Only for Windows. (Link above downloads a .zip file)
Link to Video.
(Since the images are fed from random digit pictures on Flickr, give it a second to load)

Very Visual Clock Block

Simon Heys' Textual Word Clock
Video here.

An Oldie But a Goody: Flip Clock Fliqlo
Created with Sketch.