Roundup: Best Rooftop Escapes

Roundup: Best Rooftop Escapes

Sarah Coffey
Jul 13, 2009

In the city, it's hard to find a quiet space outside unless you go up. Rooftops are the urban version of an open meadow—vast and calm. On top of a high-rise, the traffic below is distant and dim, and the sky seems much larger. We've rounded up a few examples of rooftop nests, from outdoor dining rooms to fully equipped cottages...

1 Jordan Ferney's Rooftop Dinner Party
2 Loftcube: Camping on the Rooftop
3 350 Square Foot Rooftop Cottage in NYC from the NY Times
4 Rooftop Hut by Hut Architecture
5 Nolita Penthouse and Rooftop Garden from New York Magazine

6 Roof Garden by mabarchitects
7 Neutra VDL House in Silverlake
8 Shawn Connell's Bushwick Roof
9 Rich People Rooftops
10 Marc and Lana's Big Dig House

Photos: Studio Aisslinger, Piotr Redlinski, Hut Architecture, Gregory Goode, Franky Antimisiari, Jordan Ferney, 7D7 Studio (Omar), Shawn Connell, Justin Williams, Jeannine Brennan

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