This week I overhauled the closet in the studio. I've been on a mission to efficiently organize the huge amount of supplies my fiance and I have accumulated! After purging the things we don't need, we're now setting out to tame the ones we do. These are some of my favorite elements for keeping our studio manageable!
  1. Small shelves. I put them everywhere! They can be a decorative element as well, as this photo found on VisualizeUs demonstrates. In fact, I'm tempted to go tear all of the labels off of my acrylic paints and line them up right now! I think small shelves are done well when they're kept uniform (I know, I keep saying that) and put on a wall in a solid graphic way.
  2. Using large mason jars like these, seen on Tied Up With String, as storage for supplies gives them an air of specialness. I'm still insistent on uniform sizes and shape to give things a bit more order, but varying sizes and shapes can be fun, as well.
  3. Tinkerlab has hit the nail on the head here, as far as I'm concerned. Rachelle has a number of Ikea's Kassett boxes storing all of the random odds and ends that are typically in a craft room. I have begun converting my mis-matched storage boxes to Kassetts, but am about to shock my fiance, I'm sure, by bringing another large load of them home! Uniform and tidy looking boxes turn a closet full of otherwise chaotic supplies into a closet I'm not afraid to leave open once in a while.
  4. I love the storage options that an over the door shoe hanger can provide, and I love the idea of moving them into the studio! On Rol.vm, they've even allowed them to double as curtains. I love this!
  5. I love pencil cups. Right now, I especially love acrylic pencil cups. I am currently staring at six of them on my desk right now! I find that if I have colored pencils and pens out in front of me, I'm more prone to use them. This cup, from kikki.K is the perfect example of an unobtrusive and slick looking pencil holder.
  6. I inherited a vintage set of tiny drawers, like these ones on We Heart This, from my grandmother. She used to keep embroidery floss in it, but it serves me well holding all of the tiny tools that I use regularly. I have a drawer dedicated exclusively to cotton swabs, one to tweezers, one to glue, etc. I wasn't sure it would be useful until I actually got it set up. Now, it's sort of priceless to my work patterns at my desk!
  7. Home Made Simple does a good job of touting the wonders of the pegboard. They also do a good job of showing ways to make them look a little less utilitarian! I am looking for the perfect place for one in my studio.