While we usually advocate donating or passing on books you no longer read, there are still plenty of bibliophiles out there (guilty) with not enough space on their shelves for every beloved tome. What to do? Utilize a nook here or there around your home in order to keep them at hand...
  1. No, we're not trying to tout books on bookshelves as something new (it's the next big thing!), but we like the slim built-in fitted above the door. Even if it's not tall enough to store books upright, you can still utilize the tiny bit of space by flipping them on their side. Via Country Living
  2. If you're not too worried about fading (i.e. there's not a lot of direct sunlight or you're using a book jacket), try keeping a few on the windowsill. The reading nook in this kitchen would be the perfect place to research recipes from your cookbooks.
  3. This enterprising architect was able to fit the library his clients so desired into their small space by melding it with the staircase. Read more about how it was done at London Close-Up: The Amazing Staircase.
  4. Low-lying rafters can do double duty as book cubbies by screwing some painted plywood into the supports. Look! Store Your Books in the Rafters
  5. If you've just moved in to your place, a pile of books in the corner can look pulled together when stacked in neat, short stacks. Just Moved in Book Storage Idea