In our daily trolling of things beautiful and inspirational, we found this amazing rug. Bursting with vibrant color, we thought it would be the perfect way to inject some liveliness into a room. Here are five of our favorite ways to easily inject pigment into your pad...

1 This rug by Nina Bovasso from BravinLee is an inspirational myriad of color that we came across on Better Living Through Design.

2 Kim, from Desire to Inspire, knows how to introduce bold color in meaningful ways--like this gorgeous canary yellow bulletin board frame.

3 This sofa from Anthropologie brings great color and texture to a room.

4 These bold and daring screens from Designgalleriet on act (the website is in German, apologies for the limited information) are an aggressive way to make a color statement, but could be stunning in the right setting.

5 CasaSugar has a great example of making a strong case for color and texture with this illustration of using throw pillows to dictate a color scheme.