From artful reproductions to the real vintage deal, these industrial style lights have been making their presence known, but finding the perfect fixture can be a little tricky and time consuming, so we've done the work for you. Here are my top picks…

First Row:
White Flower Farmhouse's Trouble light designed by Robert True Ogden, $115.
Etsy seller, Paddy Ridge's vintage workman's cage lamp. Added bonuses are the clip and the very reasonable $43 pricetag.
B4 It Was Cool's upright industrial lamp base.
Hudson Good's Industrial Trouble Light, $129. This one can be wall-mounted.
Historic Materialism's Aluminum Globe Fixture . Selling for...deep breath...$3,200!
Second Row:
Etsy seller, LampGood's Orrington Industrial hanging lamp, $59.
Mothology's Oversized Open Frame Industrial Pendant light, $168.
Pottery Barn Kid's Nautical light, $99.
Wisteria's Pendant Cage lamp, $129.00.