Roundup: Canisters Around the House

We hate to sound like a commercial for the Container Store, but must admit that a kitchen, bathroom, any room, looks much calmer and attractive when items are taken out of their packaging and put into some type of storage. Here are a few of our favorite canisters for maintaining that pared-down style we crave...
  1. Probably our favorite Ikea purchase was this set of Celeber canisters. They've got a classic look and we love the wood tops. Our one complaint is that the lid to our flour container always pops off - but we figure it's due to the powder getting in between the seal.
  2. For a similar style in a different size, this serving bowl with lid from Spartan could be a good way to round out your Ikea set. Bonus, the lid doubles as a trivet!
  3. In our cabinets we love to use these Fido glass storage jars. They're inexpensive, easy to find, the lids are airtight and the glass ensures you'll be able to grab what you need at a glance.
  4. An absolute classic, Anchor Hocking glass jars look great holding anything from bars of soap to craft supplies.
  5. Chris over at the Kitchn extolled the many virtues of the Bodum Yoki set. We like the tall, thin shape, and the many available sizes for mixing and matching.
  6. You're bound to find a color to compliment your decor with these Pantone storage jars, available from Typhoon.
  7. Vintage canister sets can be found on etsy and eBay, and make for a more unique look. Here are some tips for organizing with them via our Chicago site.
  8. Check your recycling bin for any jars that could be reused to hold items around the house or pantry. Just remove the labels, give them a good scrub, and voila! Instant storage.