We were inspired by the calm evoked through the use of all white accessories in two of the vignettes featured in the Best of 2009 post. The first step in creating a serene collection for your own home is finding a beautiful white ceramic vase. Here's a roundup of a variety, textured and smooth, large and small, to mix and match.


1 - Top image from House Tour: Kate's Edwardian Update; bottom image from House Tour: The Fahden's Clearly Clean & Simple

2 - Eva Zeisel Upright Vases from art effect, $55 - $135

3 - Textured White Vessels from West Elm, on sale from $15.99 - $29.99

4 - FÄRM Vase from IKEA, $1.99

5 - Pure White Ceramic Vase Collection from West Elm, $9 - $99