It's officially beautiful out (hooray!), so there's no better time than this weekend to mosey outdoors and get your balcony, backyard, patio or deck in top condition for the warm months ahead. Here are our picks and inspiration for sprucing up an outdoor space...
  1. A summer barbeque or picnic calls for cold drinks, good music, and maybe a few of these Accessories for Outdoor Entertaining.
  2. For some inspiration from real homes, check out this post on Balconies Across the Globe.
  3. This is a great idea for creating a more lush balcony space if your plants haven't grown in yet - Look! Small Camouflaged Balcony.
  4. Apartment Therapy LA gives some insight on creating an outdoor space to suit your needs: 5 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Space.
  5. Beautiful, brightly colored outdoor chairs at a variety of price points at High & Low: Colorful Outdoor Chairs.
  6. Cover up a funky balcony or patio with a rug from this Roundup: Outdoor Rug Ideas.
  7. A look at some cute and affordable items for beautifying your outdoor space: Roundup: 8 Things We Love for Outdoor Living.
  8. If you don't have any outdoor space to speak of, take some inspiration from Roundup: Window Boxes and put those window sills to work!

(Top Image: Reed Davis for House Beautiful