Designer DIY Lighting Possibilities

Designer DIY Lighting Possibilities

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 4, 2009

After moving into our new space, one of the last hurdles my husband and I face is lighting. Our 16 bulbs on the ceiling just aren't cutting it, nor are they particularly glamorous. We've drawn up ideas for different lighting ideas and even had help from my Mom. She's the original DIY Queen and has always inspired me to make something before heading to the stores. 6 of her suggestions for designer lighting that are easily diy-able are after the jump!

  • Lampa som händer by Katarina Britse: We love everyday items made into spectacular things. This pendant made from rubber gloves is a fantastic creation. Although uncertainty lies in the ability of the gloves to retain air once they have been blown up. Suggestions?

  • A Family Tree by Rebecca Niederlander: A shorter version of this long waterfall of paper lighting installment could be a consideration (although dust might be harder to clear from it). It would take many hours of tv to get all the strands cut out, but the largest price tag in the project would be the pendant fixture and bulb itself. Although this version is meant to be lit, we think a few pendants placed inside should do the trick.

  • Globe Lamps: We think this idea is a fun one, although we aren't sure they will supply us with more light than we currently have. They do look great in repetition and would be fantastic down the length of a long kitchen table.

  • Pell Mell Pendant Light & Three tier pendant light by Sarah Finn: Tackling these beautiful shapes is an idea that could be done in wood veneer (like these are) or with paper or cardstock. Veneer in large sheets would need to be purchased from an actual lumber yard/supplier, but the resulting product would be a true things of beauty. One must wonder how intricate you can get with a Dremel Tool without the veneer splintering?

  • Bic Ballpoint Pen Chandelier by Jill Fehrenbacher: This chandelier has great lines to it and once again suckered us in with the repeated use of everyday items. We can't help but wonder if it would allow more light to come through if the ink cartridges were removed first or colored pens were used instead?

  • Turquoise Empire Chandelier by Marjorie Skouras
    : Although the designer version is all made from pieces of turquoise, we think a more inexpensive version would be easily made with beads from the craft store. They are often on sale (usually every few weeks) and additional %off coupons can sometimes be used as well. Another good substitute could be old costume jewelry from an estate or garage sale.

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    Photos via the designers and websites that are linked in each reference.

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