Roundup: DIY-able Cork Walls and Bulletin Boards

Roundup: DIY-able Cork Walls and Bulletin Boards

Laure Joliet
Feb 3, 2009

With organization still on my mind, I wanted to round up some cork bulletin boards that were modern looking and very DIY friendly. Cork is a great material because it absorbs sound and adds warmth to a room, plus it's a natural material that won't give off any weird toxins in your home. And much like a fridge, it's a great place to collect mementos, reminders and inspiration. Jump below for some projects and inspiration:


We saw this home office with an entire wall covered in cork in last year's Dwell Home Tours and were smitten. It added warmth to the room and instead of looking cluttered, it seemed to organize a lot of inspiration and memories in a tidy way. Get the look yourself by buying cork in a roll and using finishing nails in each corner to affix it (You might add some doublesided tape strategically to keep it in place too). Make sure the cork you get is thick enough so that you aren't poking through to the wall every time you add something.

These panels are perfect and modern and could be used for large scale posters or for reminders and family mementos. We found the image on the contemporist and think the panels might actually be particle board, but using cork the final look would be very much the same.

This Gold Patterned Cork Wall was featured in the LA Times, but you could do it yourself with a roll of cork and a stencil.

This bulletin board system is made up of those Ikea Cork Trivets that come in packs of three. Use some strong doublesided tape and you're good to go. Image via Design Sponge

This image is a great reminder that you can pair a bulletin board with a charging station for a small space organized office. If you don't feel up to the task, this Charging Bulletin Board from JC Penny is on sale for $179.

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