Roundup: Door Knockers

Roundup: Door Knockers

Jessica Tata
Jul 23, 2009

We like to think of a door knockers as a secret handshake for grownups! While the door knocker has been made antiquated with the advent of doorbells, we still think that this ornamental addition to a front door is quite lovely. Here are some of our favorite door knockers available now...

1 We love this deer head door knocker from Urban Outfitters. If you're over the deer head movement, continue on!

2 This stately brass owl door knocker is one of our favorites, and is under $60 at My Garden Gifts.

3 If you're a fan of the nautical theme, this anchor from JettModern makes a good introduction...

4 We love the antique appeal of this bird door knocker from Hadley Reclaimed Materials.

5 This Bear Duet Door Knocker from Cast of Characters might be our favorite--it is quite different than others we've seen and is just the right amount of unusual!

6 A fox door knocker like this one from Horse and Hound has been featured on Apartment Therapy before, and we still rank it among our favorites.

7 Tack Room Inc. offers this interesting horse door knocker that we think is an unusual and unexpected option!

8 Lastly, The National Trust sells this pleasant bird door knocker that we would easily allow on our front door.

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