Beds, check. Night stands, check. Bedding, curtains and an organized closet, check. What else would make a complete bedroom? An alarm clock of course. And while they tend to make us cringe a bit, we're thinking these eco-friendly buzzers will make waking up in the morning a little more manageable.

Shown above the jump, from left to right:

  1. Woodstation Weather Display: When 'off' this little guy looks like a simple wood sculpture. When 'on' this LED alarm clock will display all you need to know to start your day: indoor temperature and humidity, time date, and one of five weather forecast icons (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy or stormy), $79.99 - $99.99.
  2. Vers 1.5R iPod Player: Using an energy efficient amplifier and wrapped in bamboo, this is one of the best looking eco-friendly iPhone/iPod docks around, $219.00.
  3. Solar Alarm Clock: The solar module on this clock charges a long-life rechargeable battery, which should power the clock for at least year without additional light. You don't need to set the time because the clock receives the precise time via radio control so it is always accurate, £34.99.
  4. Triangle Wooden Clock: This wooden LED clock is made of wood can display time, date and temperature alternately, $29.00.
  5. Digital Zen Alarm Clock: This bamboo travel clock uses a chime to awake its user &mdash gently getting louder over a pre-programmed 10 minute progression, or can be set to go off in intervals, $109.95.
  6. Bedol Water Clock: The Bedol Water Clock works 100% on natural power &mdash Just fill the tank with natural tap water and the clock will run for weeks. When the water needs to be changed the microchip remembers the time while the clock is being refilled, $29.00.
  7. AirCurve iPhone Acoustic Amplifier: This cleverly designed iPhone dock uses no batteries or power to amplify the iPhone speaker sound. Just use the iPhone's built-in alarm clock function (or app of your choice) to wake up loud and clear, $19.99.
  8. Mud Clock: Sleep with a few plants by your bed? Put them to work by powering your alarm clock &mdash just put the components in the dirt and the clock starts ticking, $19.95.