It's the last day of September and many of you readers are experiencing autumn full-stop. In Austin, we're getting our first taste of cooler weather, with the highs in the low 90s this week. So refreshing! For many of us, that means we're actually venturing outside again to our patios and gardens and lawns (or what's left of them after the drought.) In honor of the occasion, here is a roundup of some of the best outdoor finds on Etsy that will help you enjoy the fall weather.
  1. This Gnome Home Kit by The Gnome Shack definitely kicks us off in the right direction. We're all for a happy little vignette to set a fun and playful mood in the outdoor decor!
  2. I'm always on the hunt for attractive planters, especially those that can go from indoor to outdoor! These sleek concrete vessels are right up my alley, and TortoiseLovesDonkey even includes felt pads for indoor use.
  3. Joepapendick creates gorgeous geometric metal bird feeders that clearly attract very hip birds! These feeders are a great size at 12"--we're daydreaming about a grouping of these in different colors in our backyard!
  4. How about a little taste of midcentury modern in your outdoor furniture!? While these chairs are outside of my price range for outdoor furniture, a girl can dream, right!? fillingham has been creating furniture for over 30 years, and the craftsmanship shows!
  5. Neutrabox offers this sleek and colorful mailbox to add a pop to your facade. definitely different than the hum-drum cookie-cutter box I have now, I've suddenly found myself with low mailbox self-esteem!

Images: As credited above.