Lighting that Showcases Exposed Bulbs

Lighting that Showcases Exposed Bulbs

Annie Werbler
Aug 21, 2009
6-Globe Branching Bubble Lindsey Adelman

Although my mother might disagree, I think there's something alluring about exposed lightbulbs. Fabric lampshades, especially on small fixtures, can feel fussy, and plastic fake-wax candles with flame-shaped bulbs are just...offensive. Besides, what's unattractive about glass and metal?

Showing the functionality of materials in a design object is a modern idea which comes from mid-century architecture. These pendants allow their bulbs to be seen, and some of them purposely create interesting shadows. While the brightness of a bare bulb is a concern for some, this problem can be remedied by going for frosted or half-mirrored options.

When choosing a vintage fixture, it may be nice to pair it with a bulb from its day. Rejuvenation is a great source for reproduction lightbulbs. The filaments produce exciting colors when activated.

You can find all source information in the captions on the photos!

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