There are more than 25,000 apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. That's insane. You can ID colors you find in your everyday perusals, you can price match on the fly, and you can find out how healthy that Kashi cereal really is. But there are also iPhone apps that can help you control your home tech -- including applications for upgrading your home theater...

Electronics House found seven applications that help with managing your media center, we like five of them.

  • Boxee Remote: Lets you connect to boxee, an online media site you can access from your TV, and control menus either with Gesture Mode or Buttons Mode.
  • DVR Remote: Manages your TiVo Series 3 DVR.
  • Intelliremote: Control your home theatre PC running Windows via WiFi. Since the iPhone uses your network to access your media PC you can turn on music from any room in the house.
  • i.TV: Ditch your subscription to TV Guide and download this app. By accessing services like TiVO, Netflix, and, you can quickly find out when and where shows and movies are playing and remotely set your DVR so you won't miss them.
  • Vudu Remote: If you have a VUDU box, this app lets you browse through their movie catalog on your iPhone of iPod touch, then rent or purchase what you find and it will be downloaded to your box automatically.