Roundup: Freestanding Entryway & Garment Racks

A little while ago, we wrote a post about inspiring freestanding entryway racks from Asia and Europe, which we're following up now with some options a little closer to home. The pieces above combine a clothing rack with a spot for your shoes, and many of them have casters so you can wheel them around...

1 Mobile Three-Shelf Garment Rack from Crate & Barrel, $80
2 Supreme Garment Rack from Target, $70
3 Tjusig Rack from IKEA, $100
4 Bamboo Garment Rack from the Container Store, $130
5 19th Century Chinese Clothing Rack from Tansu Design, $1,250

6 Eina Wardrobe from IKEA, $100
7 InterMetro Garment Rack from the Container Store, $165 - $177
8 Bamboo Garment Rack from Storables, $80
9 Rubbermaid MN200 Garment Rack with Bottom Shelf, $60
10 Mobile Garment Rack from Stacks & Stacks, $80

Best Inexpensive Clothes Racks
Freestanding Entryway Racks