(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
It's happened to the best of us. We show up at work and the person in the cube next to us brings you a present and all you have is a smile. Or maybe the scene happens with your dog groomer or hairdresser. Either way, it's never a happy feeling when you feel like you haven't been as prepared as someone else. So to help prevent you from using the "I have something for you, but it's at home" line, click through the jump to see more about the above items (which start as low as $1.95)!

  • Grobal Self Watering Pot: $28 at Urban Outfitters. Perfect for the friend at work that thinks you are better friends than you are or for your brother's new girlfriend who you didn't expect to bring you anything. It's on the higher end of the $$ scale, but the good news is you can always put it good use in your own space if you don't end up needing it.
  • Spring Bulb Ornament: $12 from Anthropologie. Ornaments of any kind are a great small gift to have on hand. Especially since they aren't hard to find and most times they will have a place in the home. Even if you don't have a Christmas Tree up, this one can still be hung with pretty ribbon in front of a window.
  • Be Creative Sticky Notes: $2.95 from CB2 and can be slipped into a card or topped with a mini-bow for an office mate.
  • Mini-Magnetic Frames: $1.95 each from CB2. Most people can put a frame to work somewhere. Be it in the office, on a bookshelf or on the fridge, especially if they are as cute as these.
  • Wooly Sheep: $7.99 from Crate and Barrel. Animals can usually find their way into anyone's decor. Especially if you have the ability to work in a cute phrase on the card, "May Ewe Have a Happy Holiday Season!"