Roundup: Green Chairs

We're feeling very basic's one of those white t-shirt and blue jeans days. When we caught this photo of a green chair from Living Etc., something about its simplicity spoke to us, and we went searching for other examples of rooms with chairs in this cheerful hue...A single, brightly painted or upholstered chair can go a long way towards bringing a room to life, especially if it's the color of lush, growing things.

1 Organic Chair by Saarinen and Eames from Living Etc.
2 IKEA Urban Chair from Rakka's Kitchen Corner
3 Green Eames Shell Chairs from Leenda and Anthony's Home
4 Green Chairs from the Laundromat Cafe in Copenhagen
5 Eames Aluminum Group Chairs from South Hall Office

6 Mediterranean Olive Chair from Spruce Home
7 Green Schoolchair from Martha and Jeff's Period Piece
8 Leather Chair from Kat and John's Thrifty Dollhouse
9 Study in Green by just jen
10 Windsor Chair in Sprout from Maine Cottage

Photos: Living Etc., rakka licensed via Creative Commons, Jill Slater, Laundromat Cafe, Stewf licensed via Creative Commons, Spruce Home, Jill Slater, Wes & Kayla Schwartz, justjen licensed via Creative Commons, Maine Cottage