Fun and Practical Eco Accessories for the Bathroom

Fun and Practical Eco Accessories for the Bathroom

Trent Johnson
Mar 16, 2010
Vintage towel hook.

Some products for the bathroom just make sense: bamboo and hemp are both naturally sustainable, durable, anti-bacterial. Others, like vinyl shower curtain alternatives, are a no-brainer due to the amount of toxic off-gassing. Here are a few accessories we'd love to see in our bathroom:

  1. Vintage Towel Hooks ($16 and up): These vintage towel hooks are found, freshened and painted by Etsy seller MonkeyAndSquirrel. The hooks available are beautiful and would be a great way to add character to your bathroom. The horse hook in blue is available here while the blue bird hanger is available here.
  2. Teak Bath Mat($69): We've blogged about this teak maze-formed mat before made from plantation harvested wood byproduct reclaimed from a furniture factory. 14"L x 23.5"W x 1.5"H.
  3. Cork Bath Mats (small $24.00 and large $42.00): These cork bathmats are also naturally anti-fungal, and dries quickly. Softer than teak, the cork surface provides a soft, nonslip surface of sustainability harvested cork. Available in small (23¼"L x 17½"W x ½"D) and large size (35½"L x 23¾"W x ½"D).
  4. Teak Bath Stool ($149.00): Made from teak, a wood used on sail boats, this stool is naturally water resistant. Made from sustainable teak, the stool is hand-sanded and then rubbed with an oil finish.
  5. Organic Bath Mat ($30): If a softer mat is more your style, ShopeQuita offers a hefty organic cotton bath mat sourced from a cotton cooperative of 6,500 family farmers in India.
  6. Hemp Shower ($65): As mentioned before, hemp is a wonderful product for the bathroom because of its' sustainability and durability. Hemp plants use less water than cotton and supply greater fiber per acre.

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