Roundup: Hallway Storage Options

Roundup: Hallway Storage Options

Sarah Coffey
Aug 10, 2009

Hallways are often under-utilized spaces, but they have a lot of potential. One way to put your hallway to work is to use it for storage, whether that means hanging a couple of wall hooks or designing a whole new built-in shelving system...

  • Combination storage: Jacob and Laurie's hallway combines open bookshelves with a bench (not shown above) and a cabinet at the end of the hall. A woven floor basket stores their daughter's toys.
  • Built-ins: Before B moved into her home, the back room was an open space. With the help of former roommates, Dave and Matt, she built a removable pressure-fitted wall with built-in shelving on each side. On one side, the wall creates a hallway to the back porch. On the other side, it provides storage and privacy for a third bedroom.
  • Hooks: Alex's loft makes use of a classic, simple solution: wall hooks. The Eames Hang It All is a colorful, multi-purpose piece.
  • Freestanding wardrobe: Christy and John use an antique cabinet to hide their shoes and coats.
  • Open cubbies: Ronnie , Viktoria, and their two teenagers each have a separate cubby for their coats, bags, and shoes.

Photos: Evan Thomas (1,3,5) Sarah Coffey (2,4)

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