Roundup: Handmade Cards For Impromptu Occasions

Roundup: Handmade Cards For Impromptu Occasions

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 23, 2008

We remember our mother and grandmother alike keeping a stash of emergency cards. With the advent of email, is this a tradition you carry on? Or do we call it good by simply hitting send with our birthday wishes instead. Click through the jump to see a collection of handmade cards from Etsy that truly have a personal touch, no matter how last minute it might have been signed.

In a world where an email longer than a paragraph seems "personal," it's nice to have cards of handmade nature on hand for any occasion. Receiving "real" mail anymore is like Christmas. Keeping a few in your arsenal will always have you prepared for any event or occasion.

Get Well Soon - $3.50 from seller aruricards in Singapore.

Bicycle Cards - $12 for a set of 6 cards from tigerfoodpress. Each comes with an envelope for mailing.

You're So Sweet - $6 from seller afavorite. This card is a 3 color letterpress and was handmade with care.

Cool Colors and Lace - $18 for a set of 6 blank letterpressed cards from orangebeautiful. Having a set of blank cards on hand will leave you ready for anything. Keep a spare one at the office so you aren't caught running to the drugstore over lunch break.

Llama Card - $3.50 from papermenagerie. Because deep down doesn't everyone want a llama card?

Records - $16 for a set of 8 rockin' cards from heatherjeany. Perfect for any vinyl connoisseur in your life.

Did I Ever Tell You - $3.50 from thegreatergoods. A card that leaves the punch line up to you, but a design promised to be loved by all who receive it.
Midwest Is Best - $2.50 by seller rarrarpress. Because sometimes you just have to represent. (Shown above as the top image)

Photos courtesy of the individual Etsy Sellers. Thanks guys!

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