I am very excited to start sending out my holiday cards soon, as I am a firm believer that we ought to keep snail mail alive. That said, I am always at a bit of a loss on displaying cards when I receive them. There are ideas out there, though, and this year I will be prepared!
  1. I already love using natural limbs as decor, so turning them into a holiday card display is the clear next step! Martha Stewart gives a little how-to for those that may not be able to take it there themselves. For me, that means making sure it's sturdy!
  2. As simple as it sounds, I never think to look for a glass canister large enough to hold cards. This keeps the "clutter factor" down and you can still see the holiday sparkle. Hobby Lobby is constantly having sales on their glassware---for me, it's just a matter of putting it on my shopping list! Via Better Homes & Gardens
  3. Card holders that are most often used for placecards, like these made by Etsy seller Vermont Branch Company, would be perfect for holiday cards! If you have a large surface, get lots! It makes for a gorgeous and simple display. If you only have a little space, get four or five and rotate the cards in as you receive them (or according to your favorites!)
  4. I love the idea of painting a large ornate frame white and turning it into a pushpin board, like this one seen at House and Home, via The Little Style File. It will hang anywhere a piece of art will hang, and the cards are all contained inton one clean visual field. Because it's neutral, you can leave it up all year round, if you'd like!
  5. Casa Sugar suggests hanging cards from a chandelier--especially one like this Wakefield Chandelier from Pottery Barn (although I'm not sure they sell this anymore, unfortunately.) What this reminded me of is a hanging order wheel, like one you'd see in a diner. Those are still available, and would make for a very modern and industrial display for those not as into ribbon!