Roundup: Last Minute Table Setting Ideas

Using Everyday Household Items

We’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year, and it’s really caught up to us quickly. While it’s a little nerve wracking, it’s also fun to think about ways to decorate and set the table. Of course we’d like to make it as green and natural as possible, so we’ve round-up of some last minute natural table setting ideas that we’re thinking about...

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Produce Centerpiece
Grab some produce from your fridge or fall gourds from the local market to make a quick colorful arrangement. Try RealSimple's theme and use colors that will complement the rest of your table arrangement, or go with something bright and bold such as lemons for the focal centerpiece.

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Household Item Place Cards
Why let those wine corks go to waste? Slice a slot either long or short ways and insert a nametag. Another idea is to take some empty tealight containers, fold them in half, and insert the nametage to give them a second life. Or, wedge the name card between the tins of a fork.

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Houseplant Centerpiece
You already love the plants around your house, so why not make them the highlight of the table? Herbs, succulents, air plants, or spider plants in small pots work especially well.

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Natural Place Card
Use a metallic sharpie on fall produce such as apples, pears or mini pumpkins for a tasty alternative to a name card. Or pick up some colorful leaves or tree spurs and tie on a nametag to bring the outside in.