Roundup: Laundry Hampers, High & Low

We finally live in an apartment with room enough to hide our laundry bin in the closet, but for many small space dwellers, this is not an option. Tucked neatly in the corner of a bedroom or bathroom, a laundry hamper is usually an item we'd rather have blend into the background than call attention to itself. This is our roundup of alternatives to the ubiquitous wicker hamper, priced high and low...

1: Loop Laundry Bag by reisenthel, The Container Store, $49
2: Seagrass Hamper, The Container Store, $99
3: Simple Human Stainless Steel Step Hamper, BedBath&Beyond, $179
4: Round Crunch Can by Umbra, The Container Store, $19
5: Skubb Laundry Bag and Stand, Ikea, $9

6: Chrome Laundry Hamper by Umbra, The Container Store, $59
7: Bamboo Slat Hamper, BedBath&Beyond, $99
8: Antonius Laundry Bag and Stand, Ikea, $19
9: Heavy Duty 3-Bin Laundry Sorter, The Container Store, $59
10: Vacker Laundry Bin with Casters, Ikea, $24

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