This month we're celebrating collections here at Apartment Therapy. I have to fight the urge to collect anything lovely that I find more than one of! But small collections can be just as delightful to come across in someone's home as expansive ones. Here are some of my favorite little collections found in house tours featured in the last few months.
  1. A small collection of ceramic cats pop on a pink wall below similar artwork in Crystal & Gavin's House for Modernist Cats (& Dogs!)
  2. Lovely wooden toys from Risa & Nick's Modern Architectural Rehab.
  3. In In Mary Roach's Nest: The Curious Charm of a Writer's Pad you'll find a unique collection of little hand soaps in the bathroom.
  4. A grouping of colorful bottles lives in a windowsill next to a complementary bit of stained glass in Suki's Gem On The Hill
  5. In Maggie & Ryan's Quietly Colorful Queen Anne Apartment you'll find a beautiful cluster of globes in the office.