Roundup: Minimalism In The Bedroom

Roundup: Minimalism In The Bedroom

Beth Zeigler
Jan 30, 2009

013009bed-01.jpgWe're pretty organized around the house and while we wouldn't say minimalist, our space is definitely not cluttered. Unfortunately, because of space issues, our office is in our bedroom (we know, we know, it's bad feng shui). We can't wait for the day when we can wake up in minimalist surroundings. Until then, we have these great spaces to inspire us...


Comfy linens and the cozy warm glow from an overhead light are all this bedroom needs to function.

We're in love with the pristine bed in this picture (and the offbeat red beach ball and red decorative hanging lamp).

We're dreaming about diving into this bed after a long days work.

Pops of pink, orange and gray make this space inviting.

Taking a cat nap with a fluffy, down comforter is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

In these two minimalist bedrooms, the bedding becomes the focal point.

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