Installing wallpaper typically requires a level of commitment that many folks aren't comfortable with. Whether you tend to change your mind about style choices or you're renting a home, pasting paper on the walls in a fairly permanent way can be daunting. Enter your new friend, removable wallpaper! Check out these options with a huge amount of modern appeal, without the commitment.
  1. The artwork of Jack Denst is brought to the walls with these removable fabric wall tiles from Etsy seller Artisan Wall Tiles.
  2. This bold graphic pattern from Warner Walls, called The Modern Gentleman, is touted as being washable and completely removable.
  3. Tempaper, a great company selling "self adhesive, repositionable, temporary wallpaper", offers beautiful modern designs like 'Etta', seen here.
  4. This Tusk removable wallpaper from Children's & Kids' Furniture is simple and modern, and versatile enough to be used in a grown-up setting.
  5. Urban Outfitters offers a few different varieties of their "easy to remove and reapply" wallpaper, like this Marrakesh Honey option.
  6. If you like stripes, YLiving has a great assortment of modern colors, like this pink and yellow Sorbet option.
  7. Even though it's arguably a bit overplayed, I still can't get enough of this birch wallpaper. Wall Monkeys offers it in a removable wall decal here.
  8. Interior Instyle decorating solutions offers this beautiful vintage-inspired Victoria removable wallpaper, in four different colors.
  9. For a bold and adventurous look, turn to Rosenberry Rooms for their French Bull Kiss temporary wallpaper.
  10. Really into DIY? Tempaper offers a do-it-yourself wallpaper that allows you to add your own artistic touch. A self-adhesive, temporary "wall canvas" gives you permission (finally!) to write on the walls. The possibilities are endless with this stuff.