Roundup: Montessori in the Home

Roundup: Montessori in the Home

Tammy Everts
Aug 24, 2009

The Montessori method has ideas many of us probably agree with: that children learn best through hands-on activities; that children's learning objects should be made of natural materials that stimulate the senses; that children should have, as much as possible, unfettered access to their environment; and that children are capable of taking care of their environment and themselves. We've rounded up ten posts that show that embracing these tenets in your home isn't just easy, it's also fun.

Top row, left to right:

Lisa Mahar Home
Finnian's Montessori Room
Look! The Prepared Environment for Infants
Nursery Tour: Vincent's Montessori-Inspired Room
How To: Outlined Placemat

Second row, left to right:

Top Ten: Children's Cookware
Montessori Materials
Cooking with Kids
Time Timer
Look! Birthday Time Line

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