Roundup: Multiple Monitor Homes

We've discussed multiple monitors multiple times here on Unplggd. Our own Gregory swears by two monitors (and occasionally swears at them), we've surveyed the correlation between multi-monitors and productivity, and now we've found a hilarious round-up of screens gone wild...

The round-up starts with Al Gore's power sucking three screen set-up (carbon credits can't make up for the amount of juice these three, plus his flat screen, are using up).

And continue through four, five and this beautiful six screen set-up,

and this seven screen design.

And then things get ridiculous with a 10, 12, 13, and finally a 24 screen (top photo) desktop! How about you? Do you have a slick multi-monitor set-up you'd like to share? Email pics to us and we may just post your screens on Unplggd.

[via Royal Pingdom]

Photos: Top, Rebellious Arab Girl; Al Gore, Steve Pyke for Time; six screen, Gizmodo; seven screen, pdxvampire