Earthly Delights: Nature Inspired Ornaments

I just purchased my first Christmas tree. (We went artificial to spare the fiance the allergy attacks, but it's tree-like, nonetheless!) As we prepare to begin our collection of ornaments, including many DIY options, I started browsing around the internet, and was really pleased with the assortment of nature-inspired ornaments abound!• I adore these Quartz Crystal ornaments from VivaTerra! They look like beautiful icicles dripping from the tree, and promise to catch and reflect the light. • This garland from Anthropologie is made of tiny pinecones dusted with snow (paint) and would look precious on a tree. For some reason the tiny pinecones make me think of tiny squirrels...I'm just gonna go with it! • The best part of these Flora Grubb designed living succulent ornaments is that they will last the holiday season and can then be planted in your garden! • Acorn caps were collected by Etsy seller House of Moss and then set with felted wool to create these adorable ornaments! • toHOLD creates unique modern ornaments that are made of acrylic squares with an air plant affixed to the front! An interesting combination of living plant and modern design.

Images: As credited above.