A Fresh Take on Tradition: Neon Holiday

When decorating for the holidays, why not break through the traditional color scheme and opt for something a little more vibrant!? Adding a bit of neon color to your decor can really liven things up in a very modern way!

  • Danielle Thompson was inspired by neon colors in her design of holiday wrapping and decor. This little vignette embraces bright touches through and through!
  • Etsy seller SketchInk sells these adorable geometric holiday ornaments adorned in bright neon colors. They'll liven up any tree!
  • Inspired by the Holiday 2007 issue of Blueprint magazine, Yvonne over at modern.girl put up her own pink tree. Love the juxtaposition with the artwork!
  • Jonathan Adler's Utopia Man/Woman Menorah looks stunning with a pop of color in the candle. The simple addition of electric blue adds so much to this modern Hanukkah decoration!
  • Anthology's just-released Holiday edition has a gorgeous and inspirational page all about infusing neon colors into holiday decor with simple and easy to fine items like gaffer's tape and gouache paint.
  • Electric teal anyone!? I've always been tempted to get a white tree, but never pulled the trigger. InspirationForHome makes me want to a bit more...
  • Israeli studio Armadillo created these Hanukkah menorah and candlesticks using the same techniques that are used in making laboratory vessels. They're filled with water and oil to create variation in the color. Via DesignDiffusion.
  • Coastal Living embraces neon colors in this setting with three skinny trees in different hues! They're especially vibrant on the white backdrop!
  • HeartfeltYarnWreaths offer so many options, but this bright turquoise and red is our favorite bright decor item! Modernize the traditional palette with brights!
  • Decorate a traditional tree, but with neon ornaments and accents for a lesser departure from the norm, like this one found on Alkemie. The look is still high-impact, but using a traditionally green tree!