Laundry Day Helpers: Stylish Hampers & Carts

The end of the week is quickly approaching and even though I am really looking forward to this weekend, I am not looking forward to Sunday (aka laundry day). One of the ways I have tried to make doing laundry fun is by listening to my favorite mixtape while folding clothes. I need to have a new perspective about laundry in general - my next solution is indulging in a new stylish laundry hamper.

Do you use the white plastic basket for your laundry (you can't see me, but I am raising my hand)? Believe me it is very functional and does the job, but it won't get you any compliments in the laundry room. Why settle for a laundry basket that is only functional, when there are other stylish options. I admit some of the options are a little pricier than their functional counterpart, but it is an investment...right?

1: French Wire Hamper & Liner: Pottery Barn $149
2: Laundry Carts: Restoration Hardware $129 - $229
3: Woven West African Hampers: VivaTerra $198
4: Steele Canvas Laundry Cart: Old Faithful Shop $185

Images: As credited above

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