Roundup: Ten Favorite Nesting Sets

Ah, nesting. We love these types of sets in the home. You name the function: nesting bowls, tables, baskets, trays, they just strike a chord with us. Maybe its their space-saving ways. Maybe it's their repetition, scale, and slight variation on a theme...


1 Josef Albers' Nesting Tables by Vitra

2 Lotus Nesting Bowls at Koo de Kir

3 Milano Nesting Trays from Impulse Enterprises

4 one more design classic: Alvar Aalto's 88 Series nesting tables by Artek

5 Nest Bowls by Morph, via The Kitchen


6 the classic 9-piece glass mixing bowl set from Sur la Table

7 and one more classic bowl set: Pyrex's brighly-colored glass nesting bowls

8 woven Nesting Baskets by Bambu

9 blank Matryoshka Nesting Dolls from Reform School

Nesting Hooks
from Restoration Hardware

Do you have a favorite nesting set at home? Or a dream one (like those Albers tables) to share with us? Please tell below!

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