Roundup: Peace Wreaths

Roundup: Peace Wreaths

Heather Blaha
Dec 12, 2008

There really should be nothing controversial about the peace symbol (remember the Denver couple's holiday wreath versus their homeowner's association*??). Desiring peace, in whatever form is most important to your life, is never worthy of a fine or reprimand. When it comes to one's home and expressions of peace, the old symbol can imply a lot, but is really so simple: Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward...[we think filling in the blank is appropriate]. Porcelain and Cardboard, bloggers at Design Boner, reminded us of the power of the peace wreath:

Above: For Peace wreath, Chiasso ($30)

Pine peace wreath, Organic Bouquet ($64.95)

Colorful ornament peace wreath, Tonic Home ($130)

Silver ornament peace wreath, Tonic Home
($130 and out of stock - but a fairly simple DIY, we think).

Grapevine peace wreath, Tonic Home ($85-$145)

(*Note: The Denver couple's HOA surrendered on the peace wreath controversy as reported in The Denver Post, Nov. 28, 2006.)

(Thanks, Design Boner.)

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