We know, it's only October, but stores are starting to carry calendars for 2009 and we're already looking forward to the new year, and a new calendar. But when we came across Lisa Dejohn's oh-so-cute desktop calendar for Chronicle Books (#5, above), we took a liking to the idea of never having to replace or throw away our next calendar. Here's a roundup of perpetual calendars that we like.

1. Tielen Perpetual Calendar, Sander Tielen.
2. Formosa Calendar, Hive Modern, $310.
3. Sukie Perpetual Calendar, Chronicle Books, $9.95.
4. Gideon Dagan Perpetual Calendar, Museum of Modern Art, $28-$40 (2 sizes available).
5. Lisa DeJohn's Waterspouts and Chimney Tops Perpetual Calendar, Chronicle Books, $9.95.
6. DateBlockLite, Aru Inc.
7. Nava Milano Max 365 Perpetual Calendar, Vignelli, $66 at Unica Home.
8. Pieter Woudt's Futuro Perpetual Calendar, Kikkerland, $31.
9. Niels Kjeldsen's Corian Calendar, Corian.

Not on our list to avoid repetition, but very beautiful and worth mentioning is Enzo Mari's Calendario Bilancia Perpetual Calendar, Danese, $120.