Roundup: Real Bathrooms from AT:SF House Tours

You won't find any baths without plumbing or pristine upholstered furniture in here - these bathrooms are beautiful even without the help of a set stylist. Click below to see 5 real (and sometimes really small!) bathrooms from AT House Tours...
  1. Xing's Eclectic Bellevue Home
  2. Accessorizing in browns and blacks let the marble walls take the spotlight.
  3. Mason and Serena's Sunset Beach Bungalow
  4. The bright blue containers add a sense of uniformity to the reclaimed wood shelves.
  5. Emily and Damon's Color-Infused Northwest Nest
  6. This small space still feels calm with a blue-green wall and lots of plants.
  7. Paul's Eclectic and Elegant Home
  8. Paul keeps his bathroom crisp and classic in black and white.
  9. Annie and Eric's Art-Filled Ocean Beach House
  10. This couple added their own artistic touch to liven up their bathroom.