We've been on a bit of a kick lately, collecting many things porcelain and white. It seems we have amassed a small collection of figurines, candlesticks and the like, and now we can't stop looking for more pieces to add to our group! Here are some of our favorite finds for the kitchen...why not let them have a function in addition to their form!?

1 These Mr. & Mrs. Shakers add just a little bit of levity to the table, without going overboard on kitsch, from Anthropologie.
2 Porcelain salad forks by Tse & Tse associates add a graceful form to the utensil, making the first course a little more beautiful, from Wannekes.
3 Another set of salt & pepper shakers, this stone set from CB2 brings a simple organic appeal to the dinner table.
4 This simplified take on a classic Russian toy makes us smile. These Matryoshka Doll Measuring Cups are available at Urban Outfitters.
5 We first thought this Porcelain Oil or Milk Can looked like the top of a submarine periscope surfacing... Regardless of what you see, the simple and slightly non-traditional design adds a visual interest to a basic container, from Wannekes.