Roundup: See-Through Furniture Favorites

Roundup: See-Through Furniture Favorites

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 26, 2008

For small apartments and homes, space is ultimately what we all try to maximize. With see-through furniture, you have not only an item that won't seem to take up much visual space, but will also be stunning and stylish. We've seen a number of great pieces of furniture designed over the years and thought they deserved their own round-up...

Usually made of acrylic or glass, these pieces of furniture are neat because they're see-through, but also because they've got a great design and shape to them. While we certainly wouldn't advocate a whole room decked out in clear furniture (that might be a bit much, afterall) one key piece in a space is absolutely dynamic!

What is your favorite clear furniture design? How have you used see-through furniture to add style (not bulk) to a space? Let us know!

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