Armed with only a roll of painters tape and a can of spray paint, the DIY home projects are endless. Check out a few of my favorite, very creative uses for spray paint. Did you know that you could spray paint upholstery?

1. Runway to Remodel: Nautical Striped Chair How To
2. Before & After: Transforming Lamps with Spraypaint
3. How To: Use Upholstery Spray Paint

Read on for the full list...

4. DIY Decor: Secondhand Spray Painted Plates
5. Laure's Project #1: Why Spraypaint is your Friend
6. Before & After: Bringing New Life to Old Drawers
7. Runway to Remodel: Nautical Striped Chair How To
8. Before & After: Kerri's Credenza Makeover
9. Before & After: Spray Painted Chevron Carpet
10. Hot or Not: Spray Painted Chandeliers

This list really runs the gamut: carpet, furniture, fixtures, and more... what other DIY creative spray paint projects have you completed?