Roundup: Striped Walls

If you're considering adding some stripes to yours or your kids' walls, it might help to look at some examples in real rooms. We've combed our archives and found fat stripes, thin stripes, one color, multiple colors, horizontal, vertical, near the floor, on the ceiling, etc. We've got stripes of all, um, stripes! Links to these striped rooms below the jump.


1 Julia's Bright, Bold Baby Style

2 Rowen's Nursery Tour

3 Custom Wall Treatments by Amanda Moore

4 Guthrie's Retro Stripes

5 Caden's Happy Orange Playroom


6 Joshua and Raphael's Modern Salvage Love

7 Sophia Ann's Celery Stripes

8 Striped Nursery Ceiling

9 Angus's Contemporary Stripes

10 Pippi's Not-Too-Babyish Nursery

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