OK, so Apartment Therapy has featured Union Jack Roundups before, but with the popular style constantly being reinvented, we thought we’d bring you up-to-date on the famous look.

Did you know the term “Jack” refers to any flag other than the national flag flown by a ship? Jacks are often flown when the ship is dressed on special occasions. Luckily, you don’t need an excuse to dress up your living room.

• 1 Vintage Union Jack flag as wall art.
• 2 Union Jack painted ceiling at “The Pub” — a British bar in Cleveland, Ohio.
• 3 British Flag rug from Jonathan Adler - $720
• 4 Hand painted Union Jack Chair.
• 5 Repurposed painted Union Jack Dresser.

• 6 Union Jack chaise lounge.
• 7 A classic Union Jack Smeg fridge.
• 8 Union Jack doormat available at Rocket St George - £19
• 9 Sparrow's post on Teo Jasmin included this digitally printed sofa.
• 10 Vivienne Westwood's Union Jack rug for The Rug Company - $3,495

(Images: 1 Casa Sugar; 2 Alkemie; 4 Brown Button; 5 Poetic Home; 6 The World According To Isa; 7 emtodosostons blogspot; 9 Teo Jasmin; 10 Rug Company)

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