Roundup: Three Unexpected Furniture Sources


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This isn't just any sort of furniture we're talking about, either. These are incredible and unbelievable furniture deals! Okay, so there are a few small catches: you have to check back to these places often, you have to have a great imagination, and you definitely have to use a lot of elbow grease. Still interested? Learn more about these surprising places after the jump!

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Habitat For Humanity Restore
310 Comal St Austin, TX 78702 512-478-2165

Along with gently used building supplies and all the planters you could ever wish for, the Restore sometimes has amazing furniture finds. Normally you'll have to wade through a bit of dust, but once you do you'll find sturdy and unique pieces that usually just need a little aesthetic work. Pictured: small side table: $5; sideboard/desk: $20

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TOPS (3 Austin locations!)
1100 E 5th st., Austin, Tx 78702
500 Navasota St Austin, TX 78702
(512) 542-9030;
2307 Kramer, Austin, Tx 78758

Mostly a recepticle for office furniture from defunct businesses, you'll also have to wade through a lot of dust and even more really bad office furniture. Again though, occasionally you can find that unique piece to be the perfect addition to your space! I've seen great tables, sideboards, chairs and even lamps here!

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Travis County Surplus
6506 Bolm Road
Austin, Texas 78721-1990
(512) 463-1990

Perhaps one of my favorite unexpected places to shop for furniture, I've found some of my best retro and modern finds here. Not quite as packed as the TOPS store, this warehouse also features reclaimed furniture from old offices. Pictured: mint green metal desk in first photo: $24.99; office credenza in preview bar: $39.99; metal table in preview bar: $24.99; striped upholstered side chairs in preview bar: $19.99 each; side chairs with metal legs and wood armrests: $5 -$10 each; blue filing cabinet: $49.99.

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