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North Hollywood, CA
Inspiration for my palette:
I've lived in Texas. I've also lived on the beach in Corona del Mar. This is our mashup of the rich colors these locales inspired. Think: BBQ, sitting poolside, palm trees, cactus, fireflies, starry nights, sunshine, sunsets, cool mornings. And since I went to grad school in Austin and the BF is a big UCLA fan, these colors were unconsciously-inspired from a healthy dose of school spirit.
Colors used in my room:
For this rental, we painted an accent wall in Topaz (Benjamin Moore), then used accessories and photos in Pool Blue and Gold to tone down that warm orange wall color.
Tips for using color successfully:
Be fearless! Especially with paint. It's just paint, so if you dont love it, it's so easy to repaint. Also, dont be afraid to mix tones. All the blues do NOT have to matchy-match. I believe mix-matching color tones adds texture and richness to the whole look.
Texas Meets California