Want Custom Furniture for a Not-So-Custom Price? Skip the Middleman with Interior Define

July Maker Talk

Rob Royer of Interior Define joined us as a Pitch Presenter at our July Maker Talk. Interior Define is a new, affordable, customizable furniture company and we love their designs. Interior Define is designer-quality furniture that's (actually) within reach. Who doesn't want a customizable sofa for a decent price? Watch the video and click through the photos for more info on how they do it...
Pitch Presenter: Rob Royer
Company: Interior Define
Showroom: Chicago

About: "For years, we aspired to name-brand luxury furniture beyond our reach. The alternatives were mass-produced, uninspired, or "value" - with pieces that literally wouldn't hold up. Faced with these options, we decided to craft our own approach. Built on a foundation of authentic relationships, nothing stands between our maker's craftsmanship and the affordability we can uniquely pass along to you."

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(Image credits: Ashley Anderson; Henry Chen; Interior Define; Cusumano)