Ruby's Gem of a Room
Carrie McBride
Feb 23, 2012
Tiffany Brooks is a Chicago-based interior designer and says that 5-year-old Ruby was one of her favorite clients - ever. She shares details about Ruby's room re-do: Ruby wanted "Gemy, Girly, Sparkly, with all the colors." "Don't forget I want it gemy" - Ruby would remind me at our meetings. So her mom and I got to work. We shopped high and low for Ruby. Sourcing and mixing materials anywhere from Ikea to Schumacher. I did not want to make this project "over-designed". Which is common when you hire a designer. I wanted to space to be imperfect. And most importantly I wanted Ruby to be proud. I was initially inspired by a fabric swatch, which we later framed. Next I found the perfect Schumacher wallpaper, then a rug by Ballard designs. As a gift I painted a violet silhouette of Ruby and made it the focal point in her wall gallery. Ruby's favorite moment was the chandelier. - I gave her the Gemy, Sparkly, and Girly, all in that one find! Thanks Tiffany! More of Tiffany's Work: You and Your Decor (Images: Eddie Shackleford)
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