Something Completely Different: Irreverent Design Ideas

Who says you can't hang a rowboat on your ceiling? Why not put giant vintage mannequins in your living room? Have a pretty chair? Nail it upside down to the wall. As these rooms show, an unusual design choice can pay off big time — especially if it results in a space that truly reflects your personality.

1. Designer Jeffrey Alan Marks uses a vintage boat to create a dreamlike, slightly surreal guest room. From Elle Decor.
2. A bubblegum pink Laurent Rump chair hangs solo on a wall in France. From Design*Sponge.
3. This cherry-red, oversized Anglepoise lamp looks almost cartoonish looming over a reading chair.
4. Enormous dried flowers are ethereal next to a timeworn wicker dressing table. From SF Girl by Bay
5. A vintage Barbie mannequin greets visitors in Darian's Darling Glam Den House Tour.

Images: 1. Elle Decor 2. Myriam Balaÿ-Devidal for Design*Sponge 3.Anglepoise 4. Elvis Robertson for SF Girl by Bay5. Mat Sanders for Apartment Therapy.

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